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Monday, January 14, 2008

Justin is right..SDBA does feel different..
Went to Mandai the other day with the guys..
Still can't believe u are gone..
I wonder if any of us have really come to terms with it.

Safsa..n team..sports camp..ntu..alumni..

heart still aches everytime i look at the photos..

Alumni is starting to take off..we bought out own paddles and lifevests and even a rudder.ha.everyone's back rowing..jianqin,tongle,me,xinzhi,wil,justin chua,jimmy,eugene,dennis,ashley and many more...would have still wanted you as coach.
remember the last time we spoke and you told me you wanted to whack the alumni into shape.ha.well..we tabata-ed and ran the sheares bridge...attendance's been good.at least 1 small boat a weekend.think you'll be glad.

Still so different without you

Rest well my friend.
You are dearly missed.

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