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Friday, November 30, 2007


you taught me to fight.
to live life as we like.
to make everything worthwhile
to never look back
you show me the spirit of life
you inspire me to leap
you give me strength, to look up to the skies
there i see you, flying strong and high
thanks, for we hug we smile we sweat
thanks, I go further because you are here
thanks, for we are brothers, today, forever

My memories of you


I remember the practical joke me and Justin Chua played on you during your first year in NTU. We changed your girl's number to Justin and vice versa. You told us she was coming to see you and you were irratated as you wanted time to study. We messaged you telling you to go down to Mac's to see her. You went and spent 20 minutes waiting and returned cursing and swearing while the both of us were holding back trying not to laugh. We messaged you to go down again and you did, we finally decided enough and called you and your reaction was typical. Cursing and swearing then rushing up to hit us.

I remember you came to our team and said you wanted to study on sunday and cant train with us. Pissed the shit out of me and was scouting all of us seeing how we did in weights and if we were better in you. But in your way, you won me over. Your determination in training, your studies and how you treated me.

I remember you calling me during exams one day telling me to meet you at Hall 9 bus stop and i went and you werent there and i tot you said the wrong place so i went to hall 8 but you werent there when you were actually at hall 10. Your reaction when i finally found you. " Mai kei Kou lah, brother leh".

I remember the period when you would onli speak English to us. Me making fun of you, loading you with bombastic words and mimicking your every word. You grabbed my head and started messing with my hair and started your crap with me in hokkien.

I remember you as our pacer. When you took over, and did well. We knew you were proud of that fact that you were good and you told me you loved that place because you controlled everyone. You lead us to victory on 2 july 2006. I never forgot that. Paddling directly behind you was my honour, you improved me.

I remember, i remember.......I will always remember the memories of you my brother.


San, our shining star, who dares to make a difference...

When my sister, Yumei texted me on Friday night saying that you went missing in Cambodia, I prayed that you would return home safely. I called Han Chong and family in Adelaide to keep you in prayers too. We were all hopeful that there would be a miracle on Saturday. Sadly, you left the world without saying goodbye and fulfiling your dreams in life. Tears rolled down in devastation every time when I read the articles and watched the videos about the ill-fated dragon boat incident and your report on the Straits Times website. Even until now, I still cannot get over your sudden departure. I can understand how Boon Sen, my brother-in-law and family feel at the loss of their beloved brother and son.

It was only the weekend before that you were playing with Xianyi and Minhui. My sister told me on the phone that Ah San went to buy “Wang Wang” biscuits for the kids and playfully took out a small packet of two biscuits from the big pack and asked Xianyi to share with his little sister. Of course our dear “Yi” boy (Xianyi) was jumping with frustration that he could not have the whole pack of biscuits. I believe that Xianyi, Minhui and all his nephew and niece will miss their Ah San “Tsu Tsu” (uncle) very much.

I last saw Ah San two years ago at our niece, Minhui’s one-month old celebration lunch. He has always been a fun-loving, humorous and strong boy who excels in dragon boating and other sports. He often takes good care of his mother, father and family. Although he did not shine in the early years of his education, he did well in Nanyang Polytechnic and made it to NTU. I feel proud of him and he will always be my inspiration and motivation to move forward and do much better. When I heard from my mum a few weeks ago that he had a good job at DSTA (Mindef), I was really happy for him. He has indeed done his mother, father and family proud. He has done Singapore proud by always giving his best in many dragon boat races. He will always be remembered as a special boy who leaves a great legacy behind.

Ah San did not live his life in vain because we all know that he lost his life doing a sport he has always enjoyed and was passionate about. Time heals all wounds but it is going to take a while for everyone in the family to come into terms that he has left. He will forever live in our hearts and watch over his family wherever he goes. May the Lord grant Boon Sen and family strength and peace at this heartbreaking and difficult time.

Di and Geoff Rankine, Vijay, Rhidika and family send their condolences from Adelaide to Boon Sen, Yumei and family.

With prayers in Adelaide,

A Brother We will always remember.

Boon San or Ah San is our youngest brother. He is someone special and we will always appreciate his special ways. The last Ah San we know is a young aspiring engineer who just started work in DSTA (Mindef) for slightly more than 1week. When national duty call, he packed his bag for the Phnom Penh's boat race.

Little is known of his background that he is always sailing against the odds. Ah San (or Bageh as you guys are familiar with) took 8years to complete his primary school. In P3, he failed in Chong Fu Primary School (within 300m walking distance from our home) and was asked to moved to Naval Base Primary School (which needs 2 shuttle trips). At that point, the family was extremely angry with him for the inability to study (always met with much caning from Father or the Eldest Brother in the year end report card season) and also incuring transport expense that was previously not needed. Subsequently, he barely scrap through PSLE with the scoring of 150 to make the grade for Pierce Secondary School. He took 5years to complete his Normal (Academic) course and it was there that I believe that a Teacher (Mrs Poh) took attention of this boy to inject the self-confidence that he so badly needs after a bad start.

After the Secondary School, Ah San made it to NYP Engineering and the entire family was shocked and elated that our wayward boy is begining to come onto the mainstream. After talking to Ah Lam (his 2nd brother who did engineering and Dragonboating), he decide to take the plunge for the same stuff (engineering and Dragonboating) as well. According to the NYP Dragonboat team manager (Ivan), Ah San was transformed from one of inferior complex to one that is highly driven, discipine and focused. In this NYP days, his passion for Dragonboat helps in his character building that permeates into his academic pursuit.

After Poly, he was enlisted and was posted to Navy. With his heightened passion for Dragonboat, he is always finding ways and means to find out the path to got rope into the SAFSA Dragonboat team. After few months of hard knocks around, he made it to ensure that he can continue his passion in his NS days.

During his NS days, he have not forgot his goal (to benchmark his 2nd brother who has completed his Bachelor Of Engineering degree). As such, he applied for a couple of occasion into NTU for the same engineering degree course. One day, NTU called and asked him to go for interview. The siblings upon knowing this starts to prep him on the potential questions via role playing and grilling him with difficult questions. The interview came and go, a letter with NTU letterhead founds it way to our home one day. It says that he is being accepted into NTU in view of his poly grades and outstanding achievements in Dragonboating. On this news, he was lost and the entire family took a long... long while to sink in this idea. I remember that my mother buy many stuff to thank the Gods for the blessings on the boy (whom we have wrote-off earlier).

In his NTU days, the dragonboat values already sunked into him helps to drive him on both academically and physically and he finally graduated with a 2nd Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering. This target is one he has set and he achieved it despite having to juggle with the heavy study load and the punishing National Dragonboat team training. How he do it? We do not know. But we, the siblings are very proud because he has sailed against all odds and prevailed with academic excellence in addition to the honor of donning the country colors for Dragonboat.

In the many years with Ah San as a brother, he has taught me many aspects of being a good son. He actually converse with my mother that he would like to take care of them in their old age. That is already being validated that he set the conditions "I will not leave the house" as a pre-condition for any relationship to commence.

According to his varsity friends, he would not hesitate to drop by in the library to assist his fellow students (or brothers) who needs help. He is also the live-wire of the boating team by teasing one another and motivating them to greater heights. With Ah San as their pacer (Left 1 in NTU), the team's confidence soared since he can sense the pulse of the team well.

But Ah San will always be an critical part of the family (the gel that holds everyone together), the essence of what filial piety is all about when he will skip race to be with our mum. He will always be one that he knows what is important when he skip races to prepare for his exams. He has left behind many sweet memories for our family members, his teammates and friends. He has taught us all that "Life is not measured by the length of it, but rather the impact you made to the friends around you".

Love from Family Members,
"Boon Sing", Yumei, Ah Lian, Ah Yong, Ah Lam

Ah San Tsu-Tsu

Ah San,

The news we received about you last Friday evening (23-Nov-07) left Boon Sen and myself in a state of shock. We were still hopeful that a miracle will happened, which eventually did not when the truth came on Sunday noon time.

You left us with so many things unachieved... and without even a word, you decide to take a different path altogether. It's ashamed that both Boon Sen and myself did not spend enough time with you to understand your inner world like the rest of your dragon boat buddies. However, we are sure that you were determined to take up each challenge / difficulty of your life with stride. Not a single complaint did we hear from you so far about how tough your dragon boat trainig was, how heavy was your university workload, and of course how heartbreaking were your BGF breakups etc

Both Xianyi, and Minhui, your nephew and neices have been "scared" of you since young because of your dark complexion and your serious facial expressions. However through the days, they are beginning to accept you as their Ah-San Tsu-Tsu (uncle). It's is a pity that you never had the chance to bring them for a playground trip, as I felt that we were so close to success that you decide to leave us now...

Though we are sadden by your sudden departure, we know you have done well, and bring your family to be proud of your achievements in school, at work, and in the greatest passion that you have spent so much time and effort - Dragon Boating.

Few occasions where Boon Sen and myself see you row at competitions, and could see that you were dedicated to the team and the game. It is indeed a loss to the team, and our nation.

Being the youngest son in the family, you are still a child at heart though you have grown throughout the year. I remember you love to drink favourite Strawberry Milk, Mamee biscuit, Big-Rabbit Sweets, Wang-Wang biscults etc. It always puzzles me why would a big guy like you like such strawberry milk !?!

When you made your mark through your graduation in NTU, I felt glad for both you, and your family especially Mother. It was a long windy road, but it clearly show that through determination and discipline, it is possible. Your next achievement to proof your mark was you got a good posting in DSTA. I could feel your great sense of satisfaction when you were presented the offer letter to accept the job. It is a real shame that you could not receive your first pay cheque.

Life is going to be different for us now, specially every Sunday when we go to Mother's place for dinner. No more Ah-San Tsu Tsu for both XianYi and MinHui to be around to tease/play with them, no more long distant trips for the kids to send you off to NTU hostel, no more further lecture from Boon Sen...

Our family have and will move on, and want you to know that we will miss you dearly. May your soul rest in peace, and we love you dear brother.

Yumei (Sis-In-Law)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ba Geh, AKA BG POH, Best friend i made in NTU

I was sending my girlfriend home when a bee came flying and landed on my polo T. It stayed with me throughout the train journey until Yishun. Then it flew off from there. Boon San is home, to see his family.
My first impression of boon san is veri negative... kao bei kao bu, guai lan. but he's fucking fit. He din even noe me onli after our "ini******n". Year 2, we became room mates, at that stinky hall 3. he's a veri nice room mate..though kao bei at times..sometimes bo dai bo ji blast techno.. bo dai bo ji hurl vulgarities at his tutorial, projects what have u, then he will turn around and flash his trademark double teetch at me..and start screwing his tutorials. when i am stressed up, he will stroke my head, sayang me, then joked whether i wan his Xiao. I played along wif him, i wan and he said i am disgusting. Sometimes he helps me wif my laundry, fold my clothes, mop the floor, and kao bei me, say i lam nuah.
This guy sometimes have difficulty sleeping. bo dai bo ji suddenly wake up, sit on the bed, then lie again. Occasionally we will go for our "EGO RUNS". i enjoyed those sessions wif him. We realli whacked all out and we always felt good after tat.
tis guy, always crack sacarstic jokes on others. but deep underneath, he has a kind hearted soul. when my mum had operation, he gave me chicken of essence. he asked me occasionally abt my family, abt my finances. he's someone so real.. unlike the plastic faces u see everyday in work.he disturbs my gf, calling her cai sao. though they never met a lot, my gf find her irritatingly cute. In the short space of time, he has touched the hearts of acquaintances. this guy is good.
As much as i like to ka jiao him, we also did lotsa sinful things together. looking at charbos.. and the question is always:Ni Bia de sia ma? NTU sa..
at eugene's wedding, i told boon san i will wish to see him marry one day.. i wanted to have a good luff when he says those mushy words in front of everyone to his other half. but tat day will never come again..
There are so many things we have planned to do..eating buffet at the new sports complex, go for another clubbing session wif waimum, go malaysia to makan, train wif u in alumni, challenge ur 2.4 and ergo timing. i realli regret pushing it back cos of my schoolwork..
I will miss ur sacarstic jokes, ur voice, ur "sayangs", ur laughter, and ur rabbit smile in hall, in school, in sdba, in my home when u stayed over, at ya kun when we la kopi, when we look at girls...etc..
ur departure is a shock to many. U have taught me a lot of things, on being filial, prioritize.. and my actions unknowingly resembles urs in some ways or another..i believe u r somewhere peaceful, watching over us..

. b o o n s a n .

Of all the 5, you're the one who has touched me the most. I have no idea why. It's been hurtful, to see your photos where you're smiling all so brightly and I know I would love to see more of that smile of yours but sad to say, it will never be. You have inspired me to fight for what I want because learning your story, of how passionate you are about dragon boating, how you made it all the way through university. I would have loved to be a friend of yours.

I'm sure we've met somewhere in NTU, or even around the Sports Complex. Just passing by without knowing of each other, which is a shame. I would very much like to know you better, but its impossible now.

Every night, I keep asking, "Why? Why did this have to happen to 5 young men, in their prime years? They have so much more in them, so much more to give, so much more to contribute to this society." Because of your trainings, I believe each and every one of you would have been a very good father, and had been a very filial son, a very faithful lover and a very loyal friend.

It's hard to say goodbye. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to attend your wakes due to work commitments. Please watch over every one who loves you and all those who are still mourning over the loss of you. I pray that you'll be happier, wherever you may be.

- Jacelyn -

My teammate, my friend, my brother..

I remember the day I first met Boon San..(no one ever forgets the first day they meet him)...
It was during one of the SAFSA trainings and I vivdly remember that I was doing upright rows when he sauntered in to SDBA in that usual cocky walk that we all know so well.Dressed in his navy uniform,with that outdated specs,his ba-geh and his attitude, you can't help but feel..MAN THIS GUY IS COCKY...and that was in 2003.

Foward to July 2004 when he stepped into NTU and had his first dragon boat training..who would ever forget the eternal moment in history when he stood there, arms folded in front of him, and (still) with that outdated specs, his ba-geh and his attitude and the eternal words that would echo from batches to batches in NTU,"zhe ge senior buay gan".

I had 3 quarrels with Boon San.And through these 3 quarrels, Boon San has taught me lessons that would remain with me through my life.

Our first quarrel happened when we first joined NTU Dragon Boat team and he told Eugene, the captain then, that he would not be joining NTU for Sunday trainings. Eugene then asked us what our opinion was. Without bothering to probe further into the reasons that he was apprehensive about studies in the first semester, I said to sack him. We had a cold war for about 2-3 weeks.
Boon San taught me that being a teammate is not just about coming to trainings, but to understand each other's problems and fears and commitment.

Our second quarrel happened when National Team was supposed to go Tanjong Pinang for a race and he didn't want to go due to studies and his mother was not feeling well.Again, I didn't ask or probe but was just being angry. We had a cold war again, for about 1-2 weeks.
Boon San taught me about filial piety and compassion and understanding for teammates.

Our third quarrel happened during one of the trainings for the PM race in 2006.It was one of the night trainings and we were keeping the boat and he said,"Jingwei say NTU will lost the PM cup this year".During debrief, I said if we start to think we will lose, we might as well not train.We had a cold war for about a week before we both apologised to each other.Thanks Tongle, for mediating.What I failed to see beyond my myopic view was that this was the guy who kept pushing every frontier and came for trainings and raced his hearts out for every set despite knowing the odds are stacked against us.
Boon San taught me that we CAN achieve in the face of adversity. He paced us to victory.It was glorious.

I have the honour of being Boon San's teammate in 4 different teams, SAFSA, N Team, NTU, NTU ALUMNI.To say that I have rowed with one of the best is an understatement. HE IS THE BEST. The confidence he instils in us when he pace is something we can only hope to emulate.

I remember...
...when he willingly gave up his SEA Games seat to concentrate on exams
...when he came up to me with tears in his eyes and said that he's sorry he couldn't get us the PM cup in 2007
...how touched he was(and he nearly teared though he vehemently denies it) when we all cheered"BA-GEH!BA-GEH!BA-GEH!" at the victory dinner after SDBF 2007
...how big his smile was when we all when we all cheered"BA-GEH!BA-GEH!BA-GEH!" at the sports appreciation night
...all his practical jokes and witty and cruel comments and impersanations
...how he have touched all our lives in so many different ways...

Boon San, I really miss you.

On 23rd November 2007, I lost a teammate..a friend..a brother..
Rest in peace..


Forever in the heart

I can clearly remember the times when he shouted out to me across the canteen after my exam paper, or when we were teasing the girl across the table in the library, or when we went clubbing during a public holiday. Memories of Boon San has been and will stay with me forever. He never failed to make my day. Never failed to put a smile on my face, never.

Boon San always kicked ass during training. His determination, his passion, his dedication was contagious. It has been my honor to have paddled alongside him.

I didn't get a chance to apologize for not staying for one last race. I pray that you forgive me.
A true friend that is dearly missed and will forever be my heart.

Wai Mun

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Honoured to have crossed paths.

I may not know you personally, nor actually said hi but I am honoured that we have crossed paths.

In my eyes, you and your team have always been great competitors and although we may have our differences and fair share of "fights", NTU has always been a respectable opponent. And I see how you've touched the lives of so many of your NTU brothers and it is indeed most inspiring to see.

I'm sad to see that we've lost yet another good soul, one that has showed atheletes in the dragonboat fraternity how to fight hard in races, train like a spirited warrior and passionate beings. One that has left memories in close friends, left deep impressions on strangers/ acquintances alike. One whose presence will always be remembered and missed.

Thanks Boon San and its been an honour to have crossed paths with you.
May God bless you in heaven and may you rest in peace.
We, on Earth, will forever miss you and remember you.

NUS cox 04-06

Goodbye my friend

Although i do not know you well but as a fellow NTU EEE course mate and knowing you through mutual friends. I too feel the loss and sadness. Indeed Its still hard to believe that someone connected to you has left. I vividly remember of your commitment to the NTU dragonboat team; from witnessing the numerous training runs you were involved in outside Hall 7. You have done NTU and Singapore proud. Despite this tragedy, I urge fellow friends as well as family and relatives to remain strong, to continue to strive on with Boon San's never say die spirit.

You will always be in our memories.



til now, i still don't believe.
i ask myself a thousand, a million whys
even though deep in my heart,
i know that there will never be an answer.


i yearn to scream out to you in the hope that you will wake up
so all this will just be one helluva nightmare.
it kills me to only be able to rely on internet sources for news,
right from the moment it happened on friday evening.
even then, i had to rely on someone telling me via msn.
i hoped, wished and prayed with all my heart the entire weekend
but the moment i got a text msg confirming all doubts, i broke down.

life is so unfair.

the last time i complained about life being unfair,
i was stressed out juggling things thinking nothing could be worse.
i never thought that the next time i say it,
it would make all my previous problems seem so damn foolish and immature.

right now, it hurts to know i am unable to even be physically there to say a final goodbye to you.
i can't stop the emotions and don't know how to handle it.
i have been full of anguish, probably everyone has been.
it's so hard to find a way to let those tears go,
and to find peace and comfort in my heart and soul.
then i chanced upon this poem,
which i now dedicate to you,
and to anyone searching for their own peace and comfort
amidst the pain and tears.

▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲

* R A I N B O W S *

I saw a rainbow in the sky,
it stretched from here to there,
spilling colored rainbow drops,
as it arced right through the air.

I tried so hard to catch it,
so I could send it on to you,
But every time I came near,
it disappeared from view.

I wish you could have seen it,
and all it's multicolored hues,
I could tell you all about it,
but words just will not do.

A picture comes a little closer,
to doing justice to the sight,
so I am sending one to you,
to make your day seem bright.

Seven colors in the rainbow,
seven wishes from me to you,
love and hope, joy and peace,
faith, strength and serenity too.

▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲

wenshan, i've never called you boon san.
we met eons ago, 7 years to be exact.
we share a special story only known to us
and this friendship, though short,
has memories which will last forever.

rest in peace,
& know that you are greatly missed, cherished and always remembered...

■ jiayun ■
I don't know any of the 5 fine gentlemen personally but I sure wished it wasnt through this painful and horrible way. You were representing Singapore, it shouldnt have been this way. Each time I see your pictures in the papers, my eyes well with hot tears. I am touched by your passion and dedication to things you truly believed in. Rest in peace. My thoughts are with your families through this very difficult time.
A fellow Singaporean.

My Beloved Friend, Classmate and TeamMate ....Ah Boon...

Boon San is his name, but we always call him Ah Boon or "sausage Lips" because of his really thick lips he has... Good Old times back in Poly where the group of us would always hang out at the Enginerring Canteen OR otherwise with the team we'll be seen at NYP Running Track or BLK E. Love those good old carefree days where nothing else matters, but training and training and studies and having Lots of fun!

Well, Ah Boon is always very caring and has a bigbig heart! He looks out for his friends and always encourages in words or through actions..I remembered the time IPPT in poly and I was just having a bad day running 2.4.. and didnt help that the wind was blowing! AH Boon with his really big great heart saw me struggling, took the extra initiative to not only cheer me on but ran infront of me to block wind and accompany till I completed the run! Thank you AH BOON!!! Not forgetting his voice will always be heard in the boat when we do our last charge towards the finishing line... there are soo many things I can think about when it comes to Ah Boon.. But the thing that stood out most is his kind and good natured personality and character that shines through the true sportsmen and team mate and spirit he possesses as an Individual...

Boon...you are very missed by your loved ones,friends and fellow rowers. Your big smile and laughter and spirit will always remain vivid in our memories that will keep you alive in our hearts forever. Look out for your family and friends while you're up there like you have always been all your life. Rest In Peace My DEar AH Boon...I miss you lots..*hugs*

To AH Boon's family, take care and be strong for your son. My heartfelt condolences to you all.

Love and Miss you..

Charmian Kwan

Condolences from USA

We extend our deepest sympathy to families and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. - The NJ Dragon Boat Club, USA
Rest in peace. You will always be remembered by us! We know you're watching us from above!


In memory...

Boon San - making us smile, and always smiling in our hearts. Rest well my friend.

.in memory of you.

hi love!!
i may not know & i know heaven is a better place for you now. may you rest in peace ... AMIN!!

luv & light

You will always be remembered........

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death.
They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make.
Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.
We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.
-Leo Buscaglia -

For all the people he had made a difference in their lives... let us celebrate his life the way he wanted us to.... with our heart, mind and soul....


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You lived your life doing something you love, and have etched in us memories that will always be remembered.

you both inspired us to be fighters, like yourself and left behind benchmarks for us to emulate.

fly away brothers, like birds in the sky,
we know you will always be watching us from above.

Dearly missed and always remembered by your brothers inthe boat,
NTU Dragonboat Team
NTU Dragonboat Alumni Team

A friend that will be dearly missed

all that runs through my mind is what the fuck ....
why did this happen??????
why them??????
why him??????

and the only answer i have is God does not exist / god is blind / something is fucked up....
those that deserve to die don't. whereas the good ones are snatched away from us when they are at their peak, at their prime of life. what the hell... there's no plausible explanation, no logical reason why this should happen.

maybe is cambodian gui la jiao ( old chinese movie) bad joke i know.

Right now, whenever i see old pics of boonsan.....
i start tearing.

i see these pics and i feel like laughing crying at the same time.

this cycle goes on and on and on...
its like a ride that i don't want to end....
the reminiscing, the good memories, everything......

but ultimately. i'm still in denial. how the fuck did this happen......
i miss you man.....

and if my previous relationship had worked out. you were my first choice to be the best man at the wedding.
but now.... we'll never get the chance for that to happen.
our first PM together, you were the first to breakdown and cry, and the next, we swore we would get it back.
winning that PM cup together was such a high.....
i still remember in the initial stage, i had to convince you to join the NTU team for trainings, until you ultimately fell in love with the team and accepted us as your own...... not the other way round.

thank you for everything....
for being by my side throughout the breakups, the various heart breaks,
the low periods when i lost the motivation to study,
the tutorial solutions,
the hours in the fyp lab,
the hours studying together......
the times where you would answer my questions no matter how stupid they would appear to be.
pulling me up by my bootstraps whenever i fell,
the online chats with other people in the labs....

You were the big brother i never had.....
closer than my own blood and kin,
thank you my dear brother,
for everything..........

you were the quintessential lovable bastard.......
mouth full of shit,
heart of gold,
with one hell of a mischievous streak.....
but ultimately, you were never mean,
but a straightshooting, joke spawning machine........
i'll miss your smile, your jokes,
your one liners and rejoinders(albeit in hokkien)....
i'll miss your cracks abt me and my B.t.......
i'll miss hearing your voice in the boat.......

the alumni team we were gonna build together.
so many plans, so much more to do.

my brother. if only you were here, with us.
i've never cried so hard before........
not through the worst breakup,
not through the death of a family member.....
you touched the lives of many people, and you will be profoundly missed..........

My completion of the stanchart marathon 2007 will be dedicated to you, BG Poh, for being the light in the lives of many people, for being such a special friend to all of us. i know you wanted to run it this year. but now you'll never have that chance.....

i hope you are in a better place.......... and that one day, we will get to meet each other again. in heaven or in the next life.