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Friday, November 30, 2007

My memories of you


I remember the practical joke me and Justin Chua played on you during your first year in NTU. We changed your girl's number to Justin and vice versa. You told us she was coming to see you and you were irratated as you wanted time to study. We messaged you telling you to go down to Mac's to see her. You went and spent 20 minutes waiting and returned cursing and swearing while the both of us were holding back trying not to laugh. We messaged you to go down again and you did, we finally decided enough and called you and your reaction was typical. Cursing and swearing then rushing up to hit us.

I remember you came to our team and said you wanted to study on sunday and cant train with us. Pissed the shit out of me and was scouting all of us seeing how we did in weights and if we were better in you. But in your way, you won me over. Your determination in training, your studies and how you treated me.

I remember you calling me during exams one day telling me to meet you at Hall 9 bus stop and i went and you werent there and i tot you said the wrong place so i went to hall 8 but you werent there when you were actually at hall 10. Your reaction when i finally found you. " Mai kei Kou lah, brother leh".

I remember the period when you would onli speak English to us. Me making fun of you, loading you with bombastic words and mimicking your every word. You grabbed my head and started messing with my hair and started your crap with me in hokkien.

I remember you as our pacer. When you took over, and did well. We knew you were proud of that fact that you were good and you told me you loved that place because you controlled everyone. You lead us to victory on 2 july 2006. I never forgot that. Paddling directly behind you was my honour, you improved me.

I remember, i remember.......I will always remember the memories of you my brother.


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David said...

To my dearest buddy in Mohawk!
I was shock when i open up today's newpaper and saw a face of yours in it, without knowing it, tears flow. heart broken.

this is the worst news i can hear from a person who is always so cheerful.

May you rest in peace buddy.