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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Memory of Boon San

This is one of the few photographs we have of you during the short period you were with us, taken during an IRC event at Tea Chapter on 16 Nov 2007. I only saw this photo during today's staff conference as I did not participate in that event cos I had to clear my work before I went for my ICT the following week; they were showing a video clip on last FY's IRC events and this photo was included.

The editor of the video clip had titled this photo "In memory of Boon San" and I think this speaks a lot of your presence to those you have been acquainted with, though your stay with us was such a short one. This reminds me again of the guilt for not taking the initiative to know you.

Hope you and your brothers are well wherever you are. Wish that everything is fine for your family.

With Regards


Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Water Dragons:5ive"

"Water Dragons:5ive"... A tribute to the Memory of Poh Boon San, Chee Wei Cheng, Reuben Kee En Rui, Stephen Loh Soon Ann & Jeremy Goh Tze Xiong... PADDLEZUP!!! From fellow dragonboater...

Jaden A. Zander
"Water Dragons:5ive"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Always remembered!!!

Hi Ah San

That's what i normally call u.

We and some of the NTU rowers plus staff had managed to set up an endowment fund under the name Stephen and Boon San.
The purpose of this fund is ultimately to help future NTU dragon boaters who have financial needs.

U guys will be remembered forever....

We had started to refurbish your bedroom, i knew i did not do a good paint job the other time.
All too late to say a word of sorry....

How i wish i could turn back the clock....


We still miss you...

Jus to let you know... this appears on today's ST Life section, last page...

Film on dragon boat tragedy
A 20-MINUTE documentary is being planned on the five national dragon boat paddlers who died when their boat capsized in Cambodia last year.
Water Dragons:5ive is to celebrate the lives and commemorate the passion of Singaporeans Chee Wei Cheng, Reuben Kee, Jeremy Goh, Poh Boon San and Stephen Loh, who died in the Nov 23 tragedy, the film's producer Jaden A. Zander, 33, told Life!.
He is also writing and directing the film.
The police officer, who is also an actor and emcee, is working on his maiden film project with Fly Productions, a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment.
He said the film will focus on the national dragon boat team, the history behind it and the November tragedy. It will also spotlight dragon boat racing as a safe sport.
He said the film is being kept to 20 minutes because of budget concerns.
He is now rounding up financing and other assistance from sponsors for the film.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hey bro... i'll think of u and steph whenever i'm doing gym over here. Still remember how you correct my ergo and how much u push for every training and race...

It's hard to find true friends and team mates like you.

Take care bro...