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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Memory of Boon San

This is one of the few photographs we have of you during the short period you were with us, taken during an IRC event at Tea Chapter on 16 Nov 2007. I only saw this photo during today's staff conference as I did not participate in that event cos I had to clear my work before I went for my ICT the following week; they were showing a video clip on last FY's IRC events and this photo was included.

The editor of the video clip had titled this photo "In memory of Boon San" and I think this speaks a lot of your presence to those you have been acquainted with, though your stay with us was such a short one. This reminds me again of the guilt for not taking the initiative to know you.

Hope you and your brothers are well wherever you are. Wish that everything is fine for your family.

With Regards



NTU Dragons Remember.... said...

Hi Boon San's Collegues at DSTA

Thanks for the posting of the pictures.
We are moving on fine with him always in our best memories.

Boon nam

NTU Dragons Remember.... said...

Hi Boon Nam,

No worries.

There is still something to be sent (back) to your family but I don't seem to be able to find the full mailing address.


NTU Dragons Remember.... said...


Please find our mailing address
Blk 280 Yishun St 22 #09-352 S760280