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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life has never been the same again....

Hi San,

Just found out Ah Lam how to post msg on ur blog ....

Remember the last time we saw u was 18th Nov 07, just came back from HK w/Ah Lam that week & he bought u a very cute "Pork Chop" (printed in Chinese character) T-shirt. Saw u sitting demurely next to the coffee table eating ur Mamee (quite unlike ur usual self, got kinda funny feeling at that moment..), u offered to Nathan & wanted to hold him but he struggled & ran off. Then u offered Natalie & she allowed u to cuddle her in ur strong, masculine arms... i like to see how she poked ur chest w/her little fingers.

I'm very glad to be able to attend ur Convocation on 26th Jul 2007, it was a wet Thu but that did not dampen our spirit of being so proud of our little brother who has overcome all odds & finally graduated from the U!

Shortly came the news that you've landed a job in DSTA... we were all overwhelmed w/joy! You had specially bought a no-camera white Sony-Ericsson for ur new job & were smiling triumphantly about the good buy!

Ur sudden departure still left everyone traumatized, deeply shocked & still in state of denial. We've been asking ourselves.... "why u?", "how could this happen to our family?", "what has gone wrong?"... there're endless of question marks?????? We wonder how u have suffered the last moment of ur life. Whatever it is, we still can't get over it, even though we said we can ... & it's w/much regret that we only know & understand so much about u (thru ur friends) after your leaving ...

BTW, we gonna get a 'messenger' (after ur 100th day ritual) so we're able to 'communicate' with u .... have been wondering how u r doing in 'the other world'... but the poignancy of this whole thing is seeing mother fold incense papers for u (sigh) ... a very heart-rending scene....

We miss u a lot & pl take care of urself .... will keep u 'alive' in our heart & memory!

With love fm ur sis, "yoko" (medicated cream in hokkien as what u affectionately call me..), yong, natalie & nathan...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine Day to U, ba-gei angel

Yoz... hope life's fine up there... as you can see, many many people are still missing u... Visit yr family, Din & ofcos yr brothers in Dreamland when you have time ok!
Btw, did you visit sc's room last night for Vday? Ha... are u the mysterious culprit who stopped his com's screensaver without us noticing? Anyway, we still miss u lo... hai...
Tell me some yellow jokes in my dream leh...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not forgetting your sister, sister in law and brother in law

we all miss u alot...Happy valentine day and really hope u and the others are doing well up there...

Happy valentine day,Bro

Hey bro,

Dreamt of u few days ago. U are back together with us at yishun.
But u are your very much youger self, probably during your secondary days.
We miss u alot, mum and dad still pretty much thinking of u....
I wanna wish u happy valentine....and hope u are ok up there....
We really regret the fact that we didnt treasure u enough...

and we didnt express our love to u before. We may have done it but we didnt ever do it verbally.
I know it may sound abit mushy, but i rather it than never got the chance to say any mushy things to u before....

It is through the whipping of piping hot dinners by mum, transferring monies to u each month end by brothers and constant nagging at u by father whenever he felt that u are overspending...

I will try to go back rowing to keep the spirit alive....

Your Brother...ah nam

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

somehow it's still so unreal, when looking at your pictures the memories are just as vivid.

saw your brother at suntec foodcourt last year, he was out with your relatives.. i guess they miss you too.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Din

Hi Boonsan,

Its been awhile, time flies. The previous CNY you were with me and soonchye at Lot 1 eating Long John and later MacDonalds. You had diarrhoe at that time and you said its because your room is "not very clean". Memories of you definitely.

I remr Boonsan telling me Din's b-day is in Feb and I too rembr the date. Shall not disclose the actual date for privacy purposes. Every b-day, he will be in a major headache as he does not know what to buy and most of all, he needs to save up money for the prezzie. How sweet of him, especially behind the tough exterior, he is really one heck of a guy.

Happy 23rd Birthday Din! Hope you have been well. Best wishes for the coming year :)

Justin Chua

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sports Camp 2004, Music..

Finally a video from SUXI.
Junhao did a wonderful job man.
Brings back memories.


2 dragon boaters in starchild and yet we are the last group.ha.
enjoyed every single moment of the camp with you bro.

Can still remember the your reaction during fright night, your speech to rally everyone before war game, the countless times we lost in every game.

I miss you dude...we all do..still can't believe you are gone...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy CNY

Bro, Happy CNY ah...

still missing u... miss ego running wif u... sian

Friday, February 1, 2008

just so you know the guys are training hard
more than what egos can offer

just so you know you've inspired and still inspire many
faith, believe, trust : you've left us with

just so you know we still miss you alot
the bah geh, cheeky smile and laughter you bring when we talk about you, the good and the naughty things you did

and so the brand new year awaits...

just so you know...

you still live in our hearts