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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Din

Hi Boonsan,

Its been awhile, time flies. The previous CNY you were with me and soonchye at Lot 1 eating Long John and later MacDonalds. You had diarrhoe at that time and you said its because your room is "not very clean". Memories of you definitely.

I remr Boonsan telling me Din's b-day is in Feb and I too rembr the date. Shall not disclose the actual date for privacy purposes. Every b-day, he will be in a major headache as he does not know what to buy and most of all, he needs to save up money for the prezzie. How sweet of him, especially behind the tough exterior, he is really one heck of a guy.

Happy 23rd Birthday Din! Hope you have been well. Best wishes for the coming year :)

Justin Chua

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