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Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 years

2 years.another regatta came and gone.we were talking about you and steph in jw's car.
they say time heal all wounds.why does it still hurt so much.still missing you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.~

If you have not noticed, you are still very much alive & dearly missed in our hearts.
Happy Birthday dude!

Happy Birthday =)

Happy Birthday to my dearest!

Happy B day

Hey bro,

Happy Bday... wondering how u r..

happy birthday boonsan

not forgotten...

missing you dearly,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Boonsan.

My respected senior, always.

06 batch miss you a lot.

Takecare of yourself bro.


Happy birthday bro!!

Hey Bro
Still miss u alot...
Seems so vivid that u are still around ...
I will try hard to get a medal for u again ....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How r u?

Hey bro, how r u?

Met up wif Din recently. She's doing fine.
It's been quite some time and I still think of u sometimes.
Do catch us in our dreams...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hope u'r fine up there...

Yo... gd lately? Gd news here... NTU had a fabulous victory this year for PM Cup. Both the guys & the gals teams won! Just like that year... 2006... can stil rmb u posing & grinning from ear to ear with the trophy...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How are you lately...?

Hello Ba Geh,
Hope u've been reading yr blog - yes, u'r still so popular & dearly missed... Hai u'r indeed one damn charismatic guy! Bet u'r grinning & flashing yr trademark ba geh now... =)

Today it's actually my 5-year anniversary with yr 'gay' bro... perhaps u can drop by in our dreams & chat with us? lim kopi? sc definitely has alot to whine to u... (ofcos not abt me, abt work!), while i can sit at the side & 'admire' 2 of the most handsome bugs-teeth db rowers! Ha...

Looking forward really... meanwhile tak care up there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still missing u alot from home...

Ah san

Hoipe u guys are getting fine....
I was doing up your room, putting the pics of u and your dragonboat gang into nice photo frames to be hung on the wall. How time flies, it is almost 2 years since u left...we still miss u alot...
Mum will always lament at the fact Why Why don't u listen to me....cos i still remembered very vividly that we quarrelled over the fact that u were then very new to your dtsa job and yet u wanna take leave to go compete in the cambodia race....u are still the Bull that never listen....how we regretted about the fact that we didn't persuade u hard enough not to go...
We miss u guys alot from homes...going to mandai has become my fortnightly activity...visiting u guys with fresh flowers is the only thing that we can do now to ever come close to u guys again...

take care bro.....


Friday, May 1, 2009

You taught me a lot

Hi friend...

I remember you called me to go visit DSTA building with you cos you don't know the way. Glad that I met you.. But I'd not know that's the last time we meet. You also returned me the money I lent you for the Timbuk2 bag. You told me you were going to Cambodia. I just took it as another DB trip.. But....

Sometimes I imagine what happened during the last few minutes.. I do not know, but I felt that you must have nudge your team mates up before trying to save yourself. That is the Boon San I know.

We could have been classmates again. I have since completed one year of postgrad studies, thanks for your silent encouragement. I still go to hall 10 reading room. The people are different but I can imagine your "comments" to some of them. You'd sing funny songs to suan them. And ya.. I know you'd criticise my low taste in char bor... I know you like Ba Cai.. haha... you are weird... lol..

Miss you, bro...

Pooh Nam, do you have the graduation photo I took with Boon San?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss you bro

Hey, how are u? A year plus already.... Still miss u dearly.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did you appear in my dreams?

Hey Bahgeh!

I met someone from NYP dboat, he said he rowed with you before, and you brought him fond memories..he was very surprised when i told him that we call you bahgeh. he told me that the nyp rowers called you hot dog? Cuz your lips are looks really like hot dogs..hahahaha..so funny..he also told me you had a gf once, but you dare not tell others becuz she was not very presentable, and you kept the r/s hush hush? man!!!

Well, I swear to God that you appeared in my dreams last Saturday morning. I dreamt of a conversation with you, and then I woke up, realized that its only 8am in the morning, and went back to sleep, hoping to continue my conversation with you again. but I cant seem to continue the conversation with you in the dream.

I thought it was either a conversation we had previously, or perhaps you wanted to tell me something? or perhaps someday, eventually i'll have this exact scene with you, chatting with you like good old times, one day :)

Been in school running and gyming, the buildings are still the same. The chin up bar is still there. So is the ergometer. Ah tiongs still run around, and if you were there, you would still tease them. Some things may look the same on the surface, but some things arent, deep down inside.

We miss you brother. Hope you and the others are doing well. Somewhere up there. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey bro ...

Ah san

How are u guys doing up there?
Hope u guys are taking care of each other.
Hope to bring u one or two medals this year.
Almost made it last nov...

Been thinking of u...still hurts alot ...

How i hope i can turn back the clock.. :-(
Still regretting about the fact that not cherishing u well....

Your Bro....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

U're still very missed...

Hello Ba Geh, jus popping by to confess that u'r still very dearly missed. Hope u'r doing fine somewhere up there... Hai really miss your trademark voice & entertaining jokes... miss hearing u call me by the stupid nickname... Ha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy CNY...

San, hope you'r keeping well...

We've taken a proper family photo at the studio recently & regreted that we did not do it earlier when you were still around. There are just so much of unknowns... we do not know what will happen tomorrow...

BTW, Mother has officially retired on 12/1 (her birthday) ... watch over our folks as they are getting old...

Take care & Happy CNY!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's been awhile bro..


2009 is here, time flies, I wonder how you are doing.

The last time I had spent chinese new year was in chu3 back in 2006 or 2007. You had a fever then and you were cursing that your hall room gives you bad luck. Haha. Being the hardworking student, you had went back to hall after chu 1 to study.

You would remember that we had a good get together on chu3 with you, soonchye and myself. You had wanted to go la kopi at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Lot 1 Shopping mall, but you keep cursing when we realized that only Macdonalds was open that day.

I was at SRC that day, doing my usual run when I saw your fellow course mate from Triple E, the one whom you always study with and the one whom you always bombard with questions. In return for helping you with your studies, you had always brought him to SRC to gym, run and encourage him to train up his fitness.

When I had saw Terence at SRC, the first thing I look out for was you actually. I had not met Terence since we graduated in 2007 and my first instinct was to look out for you each time I saw Terence in NTU in our school days. I remembered I will always ask Terence, "Where is the bah geh, or what is the bah geh doing now?"

At SRC that day, I had wanted to ask Terence the same question, but it struck me that you were no longer around. The reality was pretty harsh to me. Sometimes, I really hate you for leaving us so suddenly, and leaving us without saying a proper goodbye. It will be better with one right? However, I know that when you were around, you had brought us so much fun, laughter and joy. And now that you are in a better place, I am sure those around you will feel the same way as us.

I hope you can have some Yakun Kaya Toast this CNY. Take care