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Friday, May 1, 2009

You taught me a lot

Hi friend...

I remember you called me to go visit DSTA building with you cos you don't know the way. Glad that I met you.. But I'd not know that's the last time we meet. You also returned me the money I lent you for the Timbuk2 bag. You told me you were going to Cambodia. I just took it as another DB trip.. But....

Sometimes I imagine what happened during the last few minutes.. I do not know, but I felt that you must have nudge your team mates up before trying to save yourself. That is the Boon San I know.

We could have been classmates again. I have since completed one year of postgrad studies, thanks for your silent encouragement. I still go to hall 10 reading room. The people are different but I can imagine your "comments" to some of them. You'd sing funny songs to suan them. And ya.. I know you'd criticise my low taste in char bor... I know you like Ba Cai.. haha... you are weird... lol..

Miss you, bro...

Pooh Nam, do you have the graduation photo I took with Boon San?