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Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's been awhile bro..


2009 is here, time flies, I wonder how you are doing.

The last time I had spent chinese new year was in chu3 back in 2006 or 2007. You had a fever then and you were cursing that your hall room gives you bad luck. Haha. Being the hardworking student, you had went back to hall after chu 1 to study.

You would remember that we had a good get together on chu3 with you, soonchye and myself. You had wanted to go la kopi at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Lot 1 Shopping mall, but you keep cursing when we realized that only Macdonalds was open that day.

I was at SRC that day, doing my usual run when I saw your fellow course mate from Triple E, the one whom you always study with and the one whom you always bombard with questions. In return for helping you with your studies, you had always brought him to SRC to gym, run and encourage him to train up his fitness.

When I had saw Terence at SRC, the first thing I look out for was you actually. I had not met Terence since we graduated in 2007 and my first instinct was to look out for you each time I saw Terence in NTU in our school days. I remembered I will always ask Terence, "Where is the bah geh, or what is the bah geh doing now?"

At SRC that day, I had wanted to ask Terence the same question, but it struck me that you were no longer around. The reality was pretty harsh to me. Sometimes, I really hate you for leaving us so suddenly, and leaving us without saying a proper goodbye. It will be better with one right? However, I know that when you were around, you had brought us so much fun, laughter and joy. And now that you are in a better place, I am sure those around you will feel the same way as us.

I hope you can have some Yakun Kaya Toast this CNY. Take care