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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did you appear in my dreams?

Hey Bahgeh!

I met someone from NYP dboat, he said he rowed with you before, and you brought him fond memories..he was very surprised when i told him that we call you bahgeh. he told me that the nyp rowers called you hot dog? Cuz your lips are looks really like hot dogs..hahahaha..so funny..he also told me you had a gf once, but you dare not tell others becuz she was not very presentable, and you kept the r/s hush hush? man!!!

Well, I swear to God that you appeared in my dreams last Saturday morning. I dreamt of a conversation with you, and then I woke up, realized that its only 8am in the morning, and went back to sleep, hoping to continue my conversation with you again. but I cant seem to continue the conversation with you in the dream.

I thought it was either a conversation we had previously, or perhaps you wanted to tell me something? or perhaps someday, eventually i'll have this exact scene with you, chatting with you like good old times, one day :)

Been in school running and gyming, the buildings are still the same. The chin up bar is still there. So is the ergometer. Ah tiongs still run around, and if you were there, you would still tease them. Some things may look the same on the surface, but some things arent, deep down inside.

We miss you brother. Hope you and the others are doing well. Somewhere up there. :)