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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ah San Tsu-Tsu

Ah San,

The news we received about you last Friday evening (23-Nov-07) left Boon Sen and myself in a state of shock. We were still hopeful that a miracle will happened, which eventually did not when the truth came on Sunday noon time.

You left us with so many things unachieved... and without even a word, you decide to take a different path altogether. It's ashamed that both Boon Sen and myself did not spend enough time with you to understand your inner world like the rest of your dragon boat buddies. However, we are sure that you were determined to take up each challenge / difficulty of your life with stride. Not a single complaint did we hear from you so far about how tough your dragon boat trainig was, how heavy was your university workload, and of course how heartbreaking were your BGF breakups etc

Both Xianyi, and Minhui, your nephew and neices have been "scared" of you since young because of your dark complexion and your serious facial expressions. However through the days, they are beginning to accept you as their Ah-San Tsu-Tsu (uncle). It's is a pity that you never had the chance to bring them for a playground trip, as I felt that we were so close to success that you decide to leave us now...

Though we are sadden by your sudden departure, we know you have done well, and bring your family to be proud of your achievements in school, at work, and in the greatest passion that you have spent so much time and effort - Dragon Boating.

Few occasions where Boon Sen and myself see you row at competitions, and could see that you were dedicated to the team and the game. It is indeed a loss to the team, and our nation.

Being the youngest son in the family, you are still a child at heart though you have grown throughout the year. I remember you love to drink favourite Strawberry Milk, Mamee biscuit, Big-Rabbit Sweets, Wang-Wang biscults etc. It always puzzles me why would a big guy like you like such strawberry milk !?!

When you made your mark through your graduation in NTU, I felt glad for both you, and your family especially Mother. It was a long windy road, but it clearly show that through determination and discipline, it is possible. Your next achievement to proof your mark was you got a good posting in DSTA. I could feel your great sense of satisfaction when you were presented the offer letter to accept the job. It is a real shame that you could not receive your first pay cheque.

Life is going to be different for us now, specially every Sunday when we go to Mother's place for dinner. No more Ah-San Tsu Tsu for both XianYi and MinHui to be around to tease/play with them, no more long distant trips for the kids to send you off to NTU hostel, no more further lecture from Boon Sen...

Our family have and will move on, and want you to know that we will miss you dearly. May your soul rest in peace, and we love you dear brother.

Yumei (Sis-In-Law)

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