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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Honoured to have crossed paths.

I may not know you personally, nor actually said hi but I am honoured that we have crossed paths.

In my eyes, you and your team have always been great competitors and although we may have our differences and fair share of "fights", NTU has always been a respectable opponent. And I see how you've touched the lives of so many of your NTU brothers and it is indeed most inspiring to see.

I'm sad to see that we've lost yet another good soul, one that has showed atheletes in the dragonboat fraternity how to fight hard in races, train like a spirited warrior and passionate beings. One that has left memories in close friends, left deep impressions on strangers/ acquintances alike. One whose presence will always be remembered and missed.

Thanks Boon San and its been an honour to have crossed paths with you.
May God bless you in heaven and may you rest in peace.
We, on Earth, will forever miss you and remember you.

NUS cox 04-06

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