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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Beloved Friend, Classmate and TeamMate ....Ah Boon...

Boon San is his name, but we always call him Ah Boon or "sausage Lips" because of his really thick lips he has... Good Old times back in Poly where the group of us would always hang out at the Enginerring Canteen OR otherwise with the team we'll be seen at NYP Running Track or BLK E. Love those good old carefree days where nothing else matters, but training and training and studies and having Lots of fun!

Well, Ah Boon is always very caring and has a bigbig heart! He looks out for his friends and always encourages in words or through actions..I remembered the time IPPT in poly and I was just having a bad day running 2.4.. and didnt help that the wind was blowing! AH Boon with his really big great heart saw me struggling, took the extra initiative to not only cheer me on but ran infront of me to block wind and accompany till I completed the run! Thank you AH BOON!!! Not forgetting his voice will always be heard in the boat when we do our last charge towards the finishing line... there are soo many things I can think about when it comes to Ah Boon.. But the thing that stood out most is his kind and good natured personality and character that shines through the true sportsmen and team mate and spirit he possesses as an Individual...

Boon...you are very missed by your loved ones,friends and fellow rowers. Your big smile and laughter and spirit will always remain vivid in our memories that will keep you alive in our hearts forever. Look out for your family and friends while you're up there like you have always been all your life. Rest In Peace My DEar AH Boon...I miss you lots..*hugs*

To AH Boon's family, take care and be strong for your son. My heartfelt condolences to you all.

Love and Miss you..

Charmian Kwan

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