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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ba Geh, AKA BG POH, Best friend i made in NTU

I was sending my girlfriend home when a bee came flying and landed on my polo T. It stayed with me throughout the train journey until Yishun. Then it flew off from there. Boon San is home, to see his family.
My first impression of boon san is veri negative... kao bei kao bu, guai lan. but he's fucking fit. He din even noe me onli after our "ini******n". Year 2, we became room mates, at that stinky hall 3. he's a veri nice room mate..though kao bei at times..sometimes bo dai bo ji blast techno.. bo dai bo ji hurl vulgarities at his tutorial, projects what have u, then he will turn around and flash his trademark double teetch at me..and start screwing his tutorials. when i am stressed up, he will stroke my head, sayang me, then joked whether i wan his Xiao. I played along wif him, i wan and he said i am disgusting. Sometimes he helps me wif my laundry, fold my clothes, mop the floor, and kao bei me, say i lam nuah.
This guy sometimes have difficulty sleeping. bo dai bo ji suddenly wake up, sit on the bed, then lie again. Occasionally we will go for our "EGO RUNS". i enjoyed those sessions wif him. We realli whacked all out and we always felt good after tat.
tis guy, always crack sacarstic jokes on others. but deep underneath, he has a kind hearted soul. when my mum had operation, he gave me chicken of essence. he asked me occasionally abt my family, abt my finances. he's someone so real.. unlike the plastic faces u see everyday in work.he disturbs my gf, calling her cai sao. though they never met a lot, my gf find her irritatingly cute. In the short space of time, he has touched the hearts of acquaintances. this guy is good.
As much as i like to ka jiao him, we also did lotsa sinful things together. looking at charbos.. and the question is always:Ni Bia de sia ma? NTU sa..
at eugene's wedding, i told boon san i will wish to see him marry one day.. i wanted to have a good luff when he says those mushy words in front of everyone to his other half. but tat day will never come again..
There are so many things we have planned to do..eating buffet at the new sports complex, go for another clubbing session wif waimum, go malaysia to makan, train wif u in alumni, challenge ur 2.4 and ergo timing. i realli regret pushing it back cos of my schoolwork..
I will miss ur sacarstic jokes, ur voice, ur "sayangs", ur laughter, and ur rabbit smile in hall, in school, in sdba, in my home when u stayed over, at ya kun when we la kopi, when we look at girls...etc..
ur departure is a shock to many. U have taught me a lot of things, on being filial, prioritize.. and my actions unknowingly resembles urs in some ways or another..i believe u r somewhere peaceful, watching over us..

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