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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Glowing Tribute to My Friend

Dear Boon San

I remembered many things about you, the list goes on and on. I dun really know where do i start or how should i start or for the matter, why should i start. I still cant accept u have disappeared from our world. Haven really gotten of this reality, I always tear whenever your name is mentioned, even as of now when this entry is being written. It really hurts me when i am not able to make it to your wake. I seldom live my life with regrets. This is easily the biggest regret in my life.

I remembered one of my saddest moment in my life. I was at the library in the year of 2005, semester 2, in feb, shortly after Valentine's Day. You, being the hardworking student is already in the empty Lee Wee Nam library doing tutorials and practising past year papers. I was dejected, did not know where to go. My girlfriend at that time had dumped me, life was really suicidal. U came, cheered me up, studied beside me, ate with me. And you encouraged me to join you in the National Team, to fight with you, for Manila 2005. I never look back, looking back at this tough period, without you i probably will not be here at this very moment. I never have said THANK YOU for this period, and i guessed i never will have the chance to.

I have offended you once badly, when i imitated your signature buck tooth grin. It was my fault definitely. We did not talk for three days, i was remorseful on my part, but after these 3 days, everything was back to its original best. For that, i regret, not saying SORRY to you.

We were roomies in Nteam for Penang International Dragonboat Festival (PIDF 2005) Nteam came from behind and clinched a remarkable 3rd placing behind Indonesia and Mynamar. Those days were memorable and we did standing stroke for 400m, and despite the big day and the pressures, u are always reassuring us with your cocksure language and behaviour that all will go well as planned. I am grateful for that. I have never shown my APPREACIATION for you, and i never have the chance to do so.

When I went back NTU the other day, the Lee Wee Nam library, the old gym, the chin ups bars, the running track, the weighing machine at SRC office, everything flows back. It is extremely heart wrenching. Those were the days, and it is firmly etched inside me.

I have kept all the articles on papers with you on it. For now, I still missed u alot and if i do, i go to the papers to see a glimpse of u. The photos taken are still in my CPU, and i have backed them up in case my pc decides to call it a day. I am quite sure u came back dat nite to look me up on that tuesday. Its you and i dun tink i am wrong.

I want to end by saying u have been an integral part of my life. I understand you really wanted a 10 men crew gold medal at the 2007 River Regatta. On my part, I will be out of retirement to train with NTU alumini. I will lay down this 10 men crew medal right before you. I know you will be reading this blog, you have always love blogs. May you rest in peace brother.

With loving memories
Justin Chua

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