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Thursday, December 6, 2007

it's been more than 2 weeks have passed since the freak accident..no more headlines flashed across the newspapers on it..but i feel touched seeing new posts on this blog continually.shows just how much u guys have impacted our lives that we keep coming back to view the blogs in remembrance of u.though i nv knew u until the reports on the accident,i added the blogs dedicated to u guys to 'my favourites'.

boon san,i was totally impressed and marvelled when i read that u were a school dropout before but later made it to uni due to ur sheer determination.i grieved whenever i read ur blog coz i was so touched by ur strong character and principles and how u helped turn ur frens into better pple.and i still feel damn sad for ur family and frens who must still be missing u badly.but now,i try to stay strong and not cry anymore..

much thanks to u for inspiring me..i cherish my family and frenz more now..i'll constantly visit the blogs of u guys..

my msn nick still reads,'rest in peace.the 5 of you will always be fondly missed.'

much love,lwh

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